When should you change the locks?

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How Often Should You Replace Your Locks For Your Home?

Most of us take our home’s locks for granted, but they are the first line of defense against intruders. Regardless of the safety and security measures, a door is probably the most likely point of entry into your house.

Locks assume importance to protect your home, family, and valuables. You should replace old and easy-to-pick locks with new ones to improve your home, office, or vehicle security.

We’ve gathered advice from professional locksmith Hamilton on choosing quality home door locks for your house. You don’t need a door lock buying guide.

Use these tips and hire a local Locksmith Hamilton to make your home safe.

  • Deciding on a door lock may depend on the situation or needs at your time of purchase for your dream home. These selection criteria included: the safety of a building for older residents, guest access, and apartment crime rates.
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  • One challenge in choosing the best locks is that they may also miss some security aspects. Considering how accessible our homes have become in Australia, it’s important to check the locks on your doors regularly these days.
  • The Locksmith Hamilton will check whether the damaged locks are showing signs of corrosion or bending. If you answered “yes” to the two questions about your front door lock, then he may recommend a full door lock installation or replacement.
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  • When you move into an apartment or house, we recommend changing the locks right away. You should also consider changing your exterior locks if you don’t fully trust the person who has access to your residence.
  • You can improve your locks by either replacing them entirely or having a locksmith re-key the lock. To rekey a lock, a trustworthy professional will alter the mechanism’s internals so that an older key is no longer compatible but newer ones can still be used.


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  • Take notice of a device’s battery life, wireless connection network, and lock manufacturer. Even a minor issue that would not have caught your eye can be an opportunity for someone to easily steal valuables from you. The burglar would have been deterred by new locks that were of a higher grade.
  • If your smart lock does not use Zigbee, Z-Wave, or Wi-Fi to connect to the internet, you should get rid of it. Proper software updates can’t be installed otherwise.

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  • Unfortunately, tumbler locks are prone to a technique used by burglars known as lock bumping. High-security, electronic and biometric locks are some of the toughest locks to pick. The objective of the best high-security locks is not just to make lockpicking impossible but also to make it time-consuming.
  • Industrial grade locks are made for high-security facilities, but complicated cylinder lock technology makes them unsuitable for residences.
  • Old and stubborn locks can impact the safety of your family. Instead, think of them as investments for your peace of mind. Periodic lock evaluations should be available in handy for identifying whether your locks and deadbolts are correctly installed or straightened the right way.
  • Contact Stronghold Locksmith to discuss your options and get a free estimate before making any decisions. Ask for recommendations from locksmith hamilton who work with your type of lock daily, such as Stronghold Locksmith.


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